321SS Corrugated Hose 304 SS Braid Carbon Steel Sch.40 Victaulic Groov

321SS Corrugated Hose 304 SS Braid Carbon Steel Sch.40 Victaulic Grooved Ends

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Corrugated hoses are pressure and vacuum tight. The permissible operating pressures for hoses with small dimensions reach 380 bar (with a 3-fold burst pressure safety factor). The pressure resistance of large dimensions is lower for technical reasons. Stainless steel models have a temperature resistance of up to approx. 600 °C, depending on the pressure load, and even higher values are possible with special materials.

The flexibility of the hose is achieved by means of the elastic behavior of the corrugation profile. When the hose is bent, the outer corrugations separate while the inner corrugations are squeezed together. The flexibility, bending behavior and pressure stability of corrugated hoses depend on the selected profile shape. While flexibility increases with an increase in profile height and a decrease in corrugation spacing, pressure resistance decreases. The frequently required semi-flexible bending behavior is achieved by flat profiles. Depending on the use of the hose, special application-specific profile shapes can be implemented

Pressure resistance and flexibility can also be altered by varying the wall thickness. A reduction in the wall thickness increases the bending capacity but reduces the pressure resistance of the hose.


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