Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint 150# Flanged Size (Flange ID x Overall Length)
 Product Specification FEATURES Size Options = (Flange ID x Overall Length) Provides sound and vibration isolation. Gaskets and packing are not required. Floating flanges allow for easy installation. Prevents piping system and equipment breakdown by absorbing elongation and contraction caused...
from $64.99
Double Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint 150 lb. Drilled Floating Flanges
                                                           Product Specification             FEATURES Provides sound and vibration...
from $69.99
Twin Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint (Female Threaded Unions)
Efficient noise and vibration isolation. Ability to absorb large displacement due to eccentric, axial, and angular movement. Applicable for both suction and discharge. Female Threaded Unions allow for easy installation. Do NOT elongate rubber expansion joints when installing for suction...
from $42.84
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