Tri-State Industries Copper in.Tube in. Guides with Dielectric Shims (Copper/Pex) - Flex Pipe USA Inc

Tri-State Industries Copper in.Tube in. Guides with Dielectric Shims (Copper/Pex)
Flex Pipe USA Inc

*This product is recommended for PEX tubing and Copper Tubing Applications*

Factory made non-insulated pipe guides and slides shall be used on Non insulated or insulated piping systems to protect and maintain the integrity of the pipe system. Non-insulated pipe guides designed to control the in-line axial expansion and contraction pipe motion directions, shall be used to protect expansion joints and vital equipment from shearing and lateral offset forces.

Non-insulated pipe guides shall be installed where indicated by the design engineer. The use of non-insulated guides with expansion joints shall be controlled by the recommendation of the expansion joint manufacturer (or in accordance with the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA) guidelines).

A minimum of three (3) guides on each side of the expansion joint shall be required, depending on the respective location and orientation of the expansion joint within the pipe run. Non-insulated pipe slides designed to support and control pipe expansion, contraction and lateral movement shall be installed and used as required by the design engineer for all other pipe support points.

All slide plates must have one powder-coated or stainless-steel surface along with at least one mating, heat-bonded PTFE pad inclusive in the integral design, which provides a low coefficient of friction over a broad range of temperatures.

All components shall be manufactured in compliance with the Manufacturer's Standardization Society (MSS) SP-58 and SP-89. All guides are constructed of carbon-steel and coated with shop primer protection.

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