Testing Procedures

We offer Hydrostatic testing. Hydrostatic testing is a common method for checking the integrity and safety of braided metal hose and expansion joints. During hydrostatic testing, the hose or joint is filled with water, and pressure is gradually increased to a level that exceeds the maximum operating pressure of the hose or joint. The pressure is then held for a specified period to ensure that there are no leaks or other defects.

For braided metal hose, we can hydrostatically test assemblies and provide testing certificates before the hose is shipped to the customer. This ensures that the hose meets the required specifications and is safe to use.

For expansion joints, hydrostatic testing is often done before shipping, during installation and as a part of maintenance to verify that the joint is operating as intended and that there are no leaks or other defects that could compromise its performance. Hydrostatic testing can also be used to detect damage or deterioration in the joint over time, which may be caused by factors such as corrosion, fatigue, or wear.

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