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Ryan Blanchette/Chief Engineer at Flex Pipe USA Inc. is an experienced engineer with a proven track record of success in the industrial manufacturing industry. Currently serving as an Engineer at Flex Pipe USA Inc., a leading manufacturer of industrial hose and expansion joints, Ryan brings over 20 years of technical expertise and industry knowledge to his role.

Throughout his career, Ryan has demonstrated a deep commitment to quality, safety, and innovation. He has a strong background in designing and developing cutting-edge products that meet the ever-evolving needs of Flex Pipe's clients. Ryan's expertise extends to all aspects of the manufacturing process, from concept development to product delivery, and he is known for his meticulous attention to detail and exceptional problem-solving skills.

In addition to his technical skills, Ryan is an excellent communicator and collaborator. He is dedicated to building strong relationships with clients, colleagues, and partners, and he excels at managing complex projects with multiple stakeholders. Overall, Ryan is a highly skilled engineer who is committed to excellence in all aspects of his work, and his contributions have been instrumental in the continued success of Flex Pipe USA Inc.

E-mail- ryanb@flexpipeusa.com

Direct Cell# 763.238.4061

Family owned and operated.

Ryan Blanchette & Family

12140 Noon Drive 

Dayton, MN 55327

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