Single Sphere Type Rubber Expansion Joint Rotating 150# Flanges NSF 372

Code FP40001288
Single Sphere Rubber Expansion Joint 150# Flanged Size (Flange ID x Overall Length) - Flex Pipe USAClick the image to enlarge
Code FP40001288
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  • Description

    PDFSingle Sphere rubber Expansion Joint Submittal


    • Provides sound and vibration isolation.
    • Gaskets are not required.
    • Floating flanges allow for easy installation.
    • Prevents piping system and equipment breakdown by absorbing elongation and contraction caused by temperature variances.
    • Absorbs water pulsation and minimizes water hammering. 


    Temperature (Degrees F)Max Operating Pressure Rating (At Temperature in Left Column)
    170 Degrees FUp to 225 Psi
    180 Degrees FUp to 200 Psi
    190 Degrees FUp to 175 Psi
    200 Degrees FUp to 150 Psi
    210 Degrees FUp to 125 Psi
    220 Degrees FUp to 100 Psi
    230 Degrees FUp to 75 Psi
    • For elevated temperature service, please contact Flex Pipe USA Sales ( for actual working pressure ratings.
    • Limit rods are required in systems that are unanchored and recommended in all other applications.

    NSF 372 - LEAD FREE
    The wetted surface of this product contacted by
    consumable water contains less than one quarter
    of one percent (0.25%) of lead by weight. Material
    complies with state codes and standards, where
    applicable, requiring reduced lead content.